I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee with each one of you and answer all your questions, but since I can't, here's a nice long list of frequently asked questions. If you have a questions that I didn't cover here, please contact me and I would be happy to answer!


WHAT KINDS OF SERVICES DO YOU OFFER? I am a creative in every sense of the word: I love to create - anything and everything, from painting to hand-lettering to graphic design, even cooking. But my areas of expertise are in photography and videography. I am a wedding and photographer, and also do occasional portrait sessions (including couples, families, and head shots). I also produce short films for artists, companies, non-profits and churches. You can read more specific questions about each of these different services below. 

WHAT IS VISUAL STORYTELLING? I believe that one of the most important aspects of a culture is the stories that people remember, cherish, and pass down to the next generation. Stories are powerful, whether they are true or fiction. Stories are compelling and moving. As an artist, I aim for my work to be more than merely beautiful to behold; I want to tell meaningful, moving stories. I want to tell the story of your wedding day - everything from your mama's tears as she buttons your wedding dress, to the tiny, thoughtful details at your reception, to the adoring look of your groom as you walk down the aisle. I want to tell the story of your family - in memorable photographs that not only capture the way each member physically looks, but their soul, their personality. I will make you laugh and feel comfortable to just be yourself, because I want to take pictures of who you really are, on the inside as well as the outside. I want to tell the story of your business or nonprofit, combining interviews, video clips, and moving music to create a captivating story that will draw in your audience and captivate them with your story. This is visual storytelling - using my eyes and my camera to capture, share, and remember the stories that matter to you. 

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? It's unique, that's for sure - I'm a mix of photojournalism and artistic photography. I love contrast and subtle film-like qualities, even though I shoot with digital cameras. I like to create work that has a slightly dark, moody vibe - while still preserving a classic, timeless feel. I love telling visual stories that show both the real (and sometimes not-so-pretty) side of life, and also capture the often-overlooked, transcendent beauty that can be found in any story. Simply put, my style is how I see the world. And I see a lot of beautiful things in the world. 


HOW MUCH DO YOUR CHARGE? Wedding investments start at $3000, but every wedding package is customized to the client and their unique preferences. If you would like to find out more about my packages and what it might cost to book me for your wedding, please click on the contact tab and send me a message - make sure you include the date of your wedding, where it is located, and any other important details I might need to know!

HOW LONG WILL YOU BE AT THE WEDDING? I will be at your wedding for as long as you want me to be there! My basic package includes 8 hours, but you can add as many hours as you would like for an additional fee per hour. Send me a message to find out more about packages & pricing.

HOW MANY PICTURES WILL I GET? Although each wedding is a little bit different, I usually end up with about 500-700 edited pictures of your special day. I hand edit all of your digital photos, which you will receive in an online gallery and/or on a thumb drive.  

CAN I GET A WEDDING ALBUM? Yes! I absolutely love wedding albums, because there's nothing quite so special as having a visual storybook of your special day to cherish and remember. I will design your album myself, and the finished album will be a high-quality wedding book. Send me a message under the contact tab to learn more about my packages and prices. 

HOW CAN I RESERVE MY DATE? Once we confirm that I am available for your date, I will email you a contract to fill out. Once you email it back to me, along with a non-refundable $500 deposit, the date is official yours and I will put you on my calendar!

DO YOU HAVE AN ASSISTANT? Having a second photographer on your wedding day is highly recommended, but optional. I have several talented photographers that are available to work with me, should you decided to add a second photographer to your wedding package. There are several advantages to having a second photographer - additional angles and shots, more pictures, backup in case I had an equipment malfunction, etc., not to mention keeping the day running smoother by having photographers in multiple places at once! 

WILL YOU TRAVEL? Yes! I love traveling! I am available to travel anywhere as long as you can get me there and provide for lodging, meals, etc. For any weddings within driving distance, I charge $0.54/mile for any mileage exceeding a total of 40 miles round trip - this covers my gas and wear on my car. If your wedding is too far for me to drive to (reasonably), then you are welcome to cover my airfare and lodging. If you are interested in booking a wedding that will require some extra travel on my part, send me a message and we can chat about the logistics. 

HOW SOON CAN I SEE MY PICTURES? I will send you a few sneak peeks within a day or two of your wedding, and I often post a blog of my favorite wedding images (but not always). After that, it will take me up to 5 weeks from the date of the wedding to deliver all of the edited images to you in an online gallery, as well as a custom USB thumb drive delivered in a cute box full of goodies! I'm all about the details :) 

CAN I SEE THE UNEDITED PICTURES? Nope. The editing process is an important aspect of my work as an artist, so I reserve the right to withhold the unedited images.

DO YOU DELETE MY WEDDING PICTURES AFTER YOU GIVE THEM TO ME? No, of course not! I backup all my images, including the RAW files (originals), so if something ever happens to your copies, I will always have a backup. 

CAN I POST MY PICTURES TO FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM? Yes, you are welcome to post the images I send you to Facebook, Instagram, etc. All I ask is that you: 1) don't alter or edit the images that you post (i.e. crop or apply filters), and 2) attribute me as the photographer in the caption, either by tagging my account or providing a link to my website (just some way for people to find me and visit my webpage). 


WHAT KINDS OF SESSIONS DO YOU DO? Pretty much any kind, but I specialize in couples & engagements and professional head shots. I use 100% natural light, so studio sessions are not something I offer. 

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? Please contact me for pricing info! 

CAN I CHOOSE THE LOCATION? Absolutely! If you need some help, I would be glad to make some suggestions of locations that are convenient for both of us. I am based in the Atlanta area, and I charge $0.54/mile for any mileage that exceeds 40 miles round-trip for me to drive to the location. Also, I shoot in natural light, so outdoor locations are preferred (or inside with a TON of windows). 

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Something you would wear on a day you weren't getting your pictures made! I want you to feel comfortable and feel like you. Sure, buy a new outfit or do something special, but I don't recommend going all-out on a style that just isn't who you are. Practically speaking, it's always safe to go with a classic outfit - something that, 2 or 3 years from now, you won't look at and cringe over how "out-of-style" your outfit is. If you bring two outfits, you can always chose something classic for one, and something a little more trendy for the other. Solid colors are always a safe option, and you can't go wrong with a black or white top and jeans. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone and eye color. During the fall, blues and greens (cool colors) are always a good choice, to contrast against the warm colors of the leaves. 

CAN I CHANGE OUTFITS DURING THE SESSION? Yes! I actually recommend bringing two outfits - we will take a short break halfway through to let you change. You can always bring a different top or accessories if you don't want to do a total wardrobe change. For bigger groups, changing outfits might be a bit more complicated, but you are still welcome to do so if you chose. 

HOW MANY PICTURES WILL I GET? It depends on how long your session is, but for most hour-long sessions, I deliver about 75-100 pictures to my clients. I give you all the good ones - I never delete any that I think you might like! I would rather give you more to chose from than try to read your mind and decide which expression or pose you will like best.

CAN I SEE ALL OF THEM? No... trust me, I'm a photographer and I know what I'm doing! I know that you probably won't want to see the pictures where you weren't making a very flattering face, etc. And as an artist, I don't want to release work for viewing that doesn't represent my standard. If it's out of focus, I won't give it to you. But I probably got one that is in focus, so don't worry! I also backup all my photos, including the original RAW files, so in case something ever happened to your copies, I've still got 'em. 

WHEN WILL I GET MY PICTURES? I will try and get them to you with 2 weeks, but during busy seasons it may take me up to 3 weeks. You will receive the edited, digital files in an online gallery, from which you receive the high-resolution files, ready for download, printing, sharing online, etc. 

CAN I PRINT MY PICTURES? Yes, you will be given full printing rights of your images. I can provide a printing release for you to take to your printing lab, as some labs don't print professional pictures without a release from the photographer. Or, you can order professional prints from the service provided in the online gallery!

CAN I POST MY PICTURES TO FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM? Yes, you are welcome to post the images I send you to Facebook, Instagram, etc. All I ask is that you: 1) don't alter or edit the images that you post (i.e. crop or apply filters), and 2) attribute me as the photographer in the caption, either by tagging my account or providing a link to my website (just some way for people to find me and visit my webpage). 

HOW DO I BOOK YOU? Send me a message under the contact tab, and let me know how I can help you! If you have a specific location or date in mind, go ahead and include that in your message too.  All payment is due at the time of the session. 


WHAT KINDS OF VIDEOS DO YOU MAKE? I specialize in creative storytelling videos. I love working with artists, humanitarian causes and non-profits, as well as churches and small businesses. Anyone that has a story to tell!  I pretty much stick to short videos (less than 15 minutes) that document real stories and real people. If you would like more information, send me a message under the contact tab and tell me what kind of video it is, and I will let you know if it is something I can do.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Every video price is customized to the scope of the project, so send me a message with as much detail as you are able to provide about your project, and I will give you an estimate. 

DO YOU DO WEDDING VIDEOS? No, I do not offer wedding videography services. But I would love to talk to you about wedding photography!

WHERE CAN I SEE SOME OF YOUR VIDEOS? Check out my VIDEO portfolio page! You can also see more on my VIMEO page. 

WHAT KIND OF GEAR DO YOU USE? I shoot videos on Nikon DSLRSs, so my gear is small and unobtrusive. You can check out my complete gear list here.