This project was commissioned by the Grace Family of Churches to raise funds to purchase a house in Clarkston, GA. The house is used as a home base for several refugee-focused small businesses and ministries. Clarkston has been called "the most diverse square mile" in the United States due to the high concentration of resettled refugees from all around the globe. 

The fundraising campaign was completed successfully and the house was purchased, and is being used today to house multiple small businesses that employee refugee women, as well as various ministries for refugees (including PTSD counseling, a a free medical clinic, and ESL classes.)

For this project, I photographed and interviewed volunteers who held up signs that described some of their identities - father, daughter, student, etc., as well as some of their dreams and aspirations for their new life in America. For confidentiality and religious reasons, I could not show the faces of some of the women that I photographed.