Shenandoah and Miles: Springtime Wedding at Big Canoe


This wedding will forever be etched in my memory.

If you know me, you might know I’ve never met a flower I didn’t love. Flowers are seriously one of my favorite things on the planet. That’s probably one of the most obvious reasons I loved this wedding - there were SO many flowers. Shenandoah and Miles were wed under a canopy of pink blossoms overlooking the lake at Big Canoe in north Georgia, and she took his last name - Flora (perfect, right?!). Shenandoah is a magical fairy angel soul, and Miles has the most tender and romantic heart, so their entire wedding day was infused with the sweetest love and overwhelming beauty.

Beyond the sheer visible beauty of every detail of their day, the most significant reason I’ll always remember this wedding is because of how their awe-inspiring love was on display. These two demonstrated the most tender and selfless love toward one another, as well as toward God and all of their family and friends who had gathered. The look on Miles’ face when he saw his bride for the first time that day, and again when she walked down the aisle, was perhaps the most tangible picture of adoration I’ve ever seen. It was such an honor to be a part of their day and document all of those precious moments.

Big thanks to Caleb for shooting this one with me!