Plywood Presents

This year, I had the opportunity to partner with Plywood People, a nonprofit based in Atlanta "that leads a community of start-ups doing good." Each year, the organization hosts a conference called Plywood Presents. This year 1,000 social entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders attended the conference at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. 

My task was to create a video that casted vision for this year's conference theme "Future Work." I worked with a few influential artists, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders in Atlanta to showcase the kind of people that Plywood Presents is designed for. Aside from the video, I took a few environmental portraits of each of them at their places of work: Daniel Bashta, Terence Lester, Rachelle KnowlesAbbey Glass, William Massey, and Joel Iverson, respectively. 


For the conference itself, I created 15 short bumper videos to introduce each speaker. Since the tagline of the conference was "the future is good," I decided to play off of the idea of processes that take time and result in something good. However, to take it a step further, some the processes where actually reversed, sped up or slowed down. So, I filmed a time-lapse of ice cream melting backwards, and reversed a slow-motion clip of a cup of coffee spilling over, so that the outcome was actually positive. Below is a reel of a few of my favorites:


Lastly, I photographed the first day of the conference (the talented Luke Beard and Kiyah Crittendon took the baton the following day). During the first evening of the conference, I shot attendees mingling and checking out the vendors and displays in the lobby of Woodruff Arts Center, then photographed the first two sessions of the conference, featuring Birdtalker, Plywood People founder Jeff Shinabarger, Mimi Valdes, Jason and Danica Russell, and Inky Johnson, as well as the idea competition, featuring five startups competing for a $5000 grant. It was a fun, beautiful and inspiring event, and I loved getting to work alongside the Plywood People team.