OUTCRY / West Coast

I joined up with HOUSEFIRES for a week while they finished up their time with the OUTCRY tour on the west coast. The last five shows were in Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Concord, and Anaheim. We had a good bit of time each day before the show to explore the cities we visited, and I loved the opportunity to photograph the beautiful western U.S. 

P H O E N I X ,  A R I Z O N A

Papago Park

S A N   D I E G O ,   C A L I F O R N I A

Oceans Beach

C O N C O R D ,   C A L I F O R N I A

L A G U N A   B E A C H ,   C A L I F O R N I A

By the end of the week, I was joking with Kirby about being her personal photographer. I first connected with Kirby when I helped her create a Kickstarter video for her first album. Kirby is the female vocalist for HOUSEFIRES and a great friend. 

This first image is one of my favorites - she found her dream guitar on craigslist and picked it up in L.A. I love this image in particular, because I feel like it truly captures her beautiful soul and her passion for music and songwriting. 

HOUSEFIRES "is a group of musicians from Atlanta, Ga. who pursue authentic worship of God." They are best known for the song "Good Good Father," recently popularized by Chris Tomlin. I loved getting to hang with them on their tour bus and experience the tour through their perspective. 

OUTCRY is a tour purposed to encourage the local church in each city it visits, as well as local churches worldwide. It was a huge undertaking, moving multiple tour buses and vans from city to city, putting on an impressive 4-hour worship gathering nearly every night for over three weeks in cities all over the U.S. The tour included six different worship artists/bands from around the globe, including Hillsong United, Rend Collective, and Kari Jobe

The shows were powerful, impressive and moving. But I also loved the in-between moments and the behind-the-scenes. So many people put countless hours of tireless work into the production and logistics that made such a large undertaking possible. 

[Following is a collection of images for each artist or band that was a part of the tour. I focused a lot of my energy on photographing HOUSEFIRES, but they had a relatively short set compared to most of the other bigger groups.]


H I L L S O N G   U N I T E D    /    H I L L S O N G   Y + F 

K A R I   J O B E

R E N D   C O L L E C T I V E 

E L E V A T I O N   W O R S H I P

 U R B A N   R E S C U E 

At the end of every night, Hillsong Young + Free kicked off a high-energy dance party, where all the bands and crew members joined them on the stage for a fun finale.